Color on wheels

Splendorous moon


Coffee in the Jewish Quarter Krakow

Alone with her

Wall entrance squad Auschwitz I

2OKNA - Jewish Quarter Krakow

Electrified fence Auschwitz I

Grodzka Street Krakow

Bridge lovers, Krakow

Block 24, Auschwitz-Birkenau

Krakow Market Square


Kazimierz - The Jewish Quarter (Krakow)

Any egg more

A bird´s eye view

Life flourishes

A rose without thorns

Appetizing levitation

A couple are always two

The balance of the life

Celtic glasses

Let´s drink together 

Reflect reality

Love forever

Beautifying bananas

Balance lights

Colors of the heart

Illuminating fantasies

A book, a heart....

Colorful spices

A very sweet waterfall

Seeking balance

Pozo Izquierdo (Canary Island)

Sunset in Fuencaliente (La Palma)

Majestic solitude

Reflections in the pond

Utensils stable

III Binter TriPlus Gran Canaria

Two-headed duck

La Palma

A majestic duck

Delighting with anonymous music

Perfect alignment 

Time to think